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Activities offered by Reisafjord Hotel are available for groups as well as other guests. The “Menu of activities” changes during the seasons  but there will always be a choice of outdoor and indoor activities.

Svartfoss Adventure Elvebåttur

Svartfoss Adventure: River boat tour







Stein Magne Pedersen, Svartfoss Adventure, offers guided tours by riverboat from June to September. Depending on the water level in the river, it may be possible to request tours later as well. The trip starts from Bilto, which is very easy to find – it is at the end of the road in Reisadalen (The Reisa Valley). We make a short stop to study an ancient rock painting. From there we proceeds to Mollisfossen, an obvious photo spot. The guide makes a  bonfire, brew coffee and serves snacks.







Inger Birkelund, Ihana!, shares her knowledge of local culture and history. Combined with serving of food and drinks, stories and songs are performed, either at Kronebutikken’s premises or in the open-air. The lush nature of Ovi Raishiin, the “visitor point” at the entrance to Reisa National Park, is an atmospheric setting around such an event, where you can learn more about the “Three Tribes Meeting” which had a strong impact on the development of North Troms.

Linda Fjellheim, Reisa as, invites to guided tours and tastings at the worlds northernmost syrup factory. Her little factory, located in the Kronebutikken, uses wild berries as a raw material for syrup and gels. The northern Norwegian climate with its bright summer nights produces berries with strong taste and good sweetness, which makes them suitable for further processing. Linda explains about this.

Hilde Marie Lund, Reisa Skinnprodukter, is a practitioner of applied arts – she is an artist making beautiful and useful produce based on Sami tradition. She has a workshop and exhibition on the 2nd floor at Kronebutikken in Sørkjosen. Fur and skins, stringed silver wire and beads are some of the things she use to make clothes, accessoires and other items.  You can try this yourself – a tour at Hildes also includes the possibility of a short course where you perform traditional Sami crafts while learning more about Sami culture and traditional use of natural materials.





Eirik Vollstad is our man, when it comes to dog sledding. As soon at the snow has covered the ground properly, he starts with guided dog sledding tours. From his home, we go by dog sled about 6 kilometers to Eiriks  campsite. There will be served coffee and a hot meal, after which we return to the kennel. One way you are passenger, the other way you are the driver of a dog sled carrying a passenger. Going by dog sledge allows you to experience the landscape in an original way, and the actual contact with the dogs contributes to the nature feeling extra close and alive.








Tor-Eivind Båtnes is our snowmobile driver.  During daytime or in the evening he takes you from the lowlands and up to the high mountains, where you can try the snowmobile yourself and, by daytime, ice fishing. On the high mountain, the northern lights are very beautiful, and these trips are very good for Aurora photo sessions. Tor-Eivind provides outdoor clothing that keeps you cozy and warm in the Arctic winter.

Reisafjord Hotel also has guides for different kinds of nature tours.  We know the area and we  set up a trip according to your wishes. Tell us about your dreams: Go to the high mountain peaks? To the lush Reisa National Park, or along the seashore a bright summer night? We have the guide you need. In winter we have small and large groups looking for the Northern Lights,  and on moose safaris. Experienced instructors lead ski and snowshoe trips. We have introductory courses for those who try the winter sports joy for the first time.

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