About the North Troms region

Reisafjord Hotel is located by the small harbour in Sørkjosen. Home to around 800 residents, Sørkjosen stretches along the shores of the Reisafjord and the E6 highway. Just a short distance from the hotel, you can hike in mountains up to 1,000 m above sea level. Sørkjosen harbour was a centre for cargo operations in years gone by, but it is now earlier to transport passengers and goods by road or air.

Sørkjosen is situated in Nordreisa municipality about 4 km northwest of the municipal centre Storslett, where you will find shops, bank, schools and kindergartens. Storslett is located at the mouth of the Reisa river, which flows 120 km from its origins in the Reisa National Park. On its way to the fjord, the river flows through a deep and spectacular canyon. The lower reaches of the river wind through the fertile Reisa valley. These contrasts between sea and steep coastal mountains and the large, flat Reisa river contribute to making our region interesting and varied.

The winter is long and full of snow. The Polar Night and excellent conditions for the magical Northern Lights make our region an impressive experience during the wintertime. During the summertime, the golden rays of the Midnight Sun combined with the fresh mountain air make a trip to Reisafjord an unforgettable experience.

View a hiking map online: http://www.naturvandring.no/

Tor Ivar Næss
The Reisa valley
Mountain landscape
The national park Ovii Raisini
Tor Ivar Næss