Group menus - available only on request

We will gladly assist you to organise your next event, including birthday parties, confirmations, Christenings, weddings, family reunions, business trip and Christmas function. We can also host funeral receptions.
Compose your own menu based on the following alternatives:


Cauliflower soup served with crispy bacon NOK 70

Smoked salmon served with herb bruschetta NOK 70

Reisafjord fish soup NOK 75

Main courses

Pan-fried halibut served with fresh vegetables, creamy bacon sauce and boiled potatoes NOK 225

Roast lamb served with fresh vegetables, boiled potatoes or potatoes au gratin and rosemary sauce NOK 230

Roast pork or smoked pork loins served with fresh vegetables, sauerkraut, boiled potatoes and sauce NOK 225 

Pepper steak served with fresh vegetables, potatoes au gratin and red wine sauce NOK 265


Homemade caramel pudding with caramel sauce and cream: NOK 85

Cloudberry mousse with Reisa syrup and cream: NOK 65

Almond pudding served with red sauce NOK 65

Strawberry soup served with ice cream NOK 70


Applies for groups of 12 or more.

All prices are per person.

Reisafjord Hotel
Reisafjord Hotel