Snowmobile safari

Boreal Opplevelser (represented by Tor-Eivind Båtnes) offers a unique nature-based experience in the majestic Rotsundelv Valley.

2018-03-2114:58 Admin

Start place and time: Rotsundelvdalen snowmobile trail at 21.00 (9pm) every evening 

Duration: approx. 4 hours

Refreshments: Tea / coffee / biscuits

Price: NOK 1,500 per person (min. 2 people)

Does not cover transport and clothing

The drive by snowmobile up to Sikkajokk takes approx. 30 minutes. We will stop along the way to take photos of the Northern Lights. This is a picturesque mountain area without any light pollution.

There are three lavvu (Sami herdsmen’s tent) up at Sikkajokk, which will be heated with open fires to keep you warm. Hot drinks and biscuits will be served.

Jørn Holm
Jørn Holm AS
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Ice fishing
Jørn Holm AS
Jørn Holm AS

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