Start your Northern Lights chase with us. We can arrange your Northern Lights tour. Our Northern Lights guide will find the best place to experience this natural phenomenon at close range.

The Northern Lights – the best place to experience this phenomenon

We are in no doubt: Reisafjord is the best place to experience the Northern Lights! We have everything in one place – even an airport just a stone’s throw away. Arrive at the local airport, check into your hotel room, enjoy a good dinner at our restaurant and then let our guide take you on an unforgettable experience of this natural phenomenon. No queues, no light pollution, no city stress – just loads of opportunities!

  • Easy to get here
  • Everything organised
  • No light pollution

Remember the wilderness is on our doorstep. We can chase the Northern Lights on the coast, in the valleys, on the mountain plateau or up on the mountain! The area is an experience in itself!

What are the Northern Lights?

The beautiful Northern Lights occur when charged solar particles are sent plummeting towards the earth. Some of these particles manage to enter the magnetosphere, creating the light effect we love watching on the ground. The strongest Northern Lights activity occurs after solar storms. 

You can read more about the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) on Wikipedia

Chasing the Northern Lights - Why choose Reisafjord Hotel?

When it comes to the Northern Lights, Reisafjord is extremely central. Located midway between the major towns of Tromsø and Alta, you can land at the local airport just 1 km from the hotel you will stay at and set off on a Northern Lights safari straight from the hotel. Northern Lights experiences are even better when you can enjoy a delicious dinner beforehand and sleep well at our hotel afterwards. The chances of experiencing the Northern Lights here cannot be any higher given the diversity. We can head into the mountains, out to the coast or into the valleys.

Chasing the Northern Lights with Reisafjord Hotel

We take everything we need for a comfortable and exciting chase. All you need to do is enjoy this natural phenomenon and the surrounding nature!

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Fabio Antenorre
Northern Lights safari with Northern Lights Guide
This Northern Lights photo is taken in Karlsøy
Tor Ivar Næss
Tor Ivar Næss
Northern Lights Autumn
Reisa valley
Tor Ivar Næss
Northern Lights selfie
Tor Ivar Næss