Visit Kronebutikken

At Kronebutikken you will learn more about the meeting of the three tribes, you can try to make your own local handcraft under the supervision of Hilde Marie Lund and you will be served a delicious lunch. You will find Kronebutikken in Sørkjosen.
Kronebutikken is one of the oldest houses in the region and contains different products/businesses by craftswomen from the region.
You will learn more about the meeting of the three tribes and you can try to make your own handcraft for reindeer or fish skin. Finally, we will show you a multimedia show about the region and we will serve you lunch comprising of local dishes.
Includes: Storytelling, make your own work of art, multimedia show, lunch, coffee/tea.

Reisa Skinnprodukter

Hilde Marie Lund (Reisa Skinnprodukter) is a traditional Sami craftswoman. She has a studio and exhibition upstairs at Kronebutikken in Sørkjosen. She uses fur, leather, skin, mica, tin thread, pearls and more to produce clothes, jewellery and decorative items.

You can try this for yourself. Hilde’s guided tour includes a brief course on traditional Sami handicrafts. AS well as learning more about Sami culture and traditional use of natural materials, you will have the opportunity to make your own handcraft item.

Time: only on request
Meet at: Hovedvegen 36, Sørkjosen
Number of participants: 2-15
Price: NOK 750 per person
Includes: Storytelling, make your work of art, multimedia show, lunch, coffee/tea. 

Level: easy
Wheelchair access
Lunch: We serve either meat or fish. If you are vegetarian or prefer other food, please let us know.


Linda Fjellheim (Reisa AS) invites guests for a guided tour and tasting at the world’s northernmost syrup factory. Her small factory at Kronebutikken produces syrup and jelly from wild, locally sourced berries.

With its long winter and short but intense summer, the North Norwegian climate contributes to berries with unique flavour and sweetness, making them ideal for processing into various products. Linda will provide an explanation of berry harvesting and syrup production during the tour.


Inger Birkelund, Ihana!, conveys the local culture and history. Enjoy refreshments combined with storytelling, legends and folk songs, either at the historic and artistic venue Kronebutikken or in the great outdoors!

The fertile nature at Ovi Raishiin (Visitors’ Point) at the gateway to Reisa National Park is an exotic setting for such events. You will learn more about the meeting of the three tribes who throughout history have meant so much to North Troms.

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Wenche Offerdal
Torchlight relaxation
Handcraft by Hilde Lund