WHALE SAFARI: Experience whale watching with us

Experience an exciting North Norwegian whale watching safari during your stay at Reisafjord Hotel. The trips to spot whales and orcas leave from the harbour right outside the hotel.

2018-01-3111:32 Tommy Børli

Exciting whale watching in Northern Norway

Reisafjord Hotel is the perfect base for whale watching. The boat departs from right outside the hotel to nearby feeding grounds for whales and orcas.

What is whale watching?

Whale watching is a popular and expanding adventure tourism product which started in the 1980s and has undergone enormous growth since. In general, whale watching safaris involve searching for whales by boat and then observing them in their natural habitat. A close-up encounter with the world’s largest mammal is a truly breathtaking experience.

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How much does it cost?

A whale watching safari departing from outside the hotel costs from NOK 1,950 per person (minimum 2 people).

Where are the best conditions for whale watching?

There are whales along the entire coast of Norway. However, you will find the best conditions for whale watching in Northern Norway. With Reisafjord Hotel as your base, you can quickly reach several important feeding grounds for whales: Skjervøy, Ytre Reisafjord and Kvænangen. We use rigid inflatable boats (RIB) so we can quickly reach the exact location of the whales.

Whale watching made easy – everything taken care of for a wonderful experience!

Whale watching season: Winter, November 2018-January 2019

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Whale watching safari
Whale watching safari from Reisafjord Hotel
Whale watching safari
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