Snowmobile trip - Snowmobile safari at its best

Snowmobile safari in the winter landscape. From Reisafjord Hotel, you can set off on exciting excursions in snow-covered valleys and mountains.

Snowmobile safari? Reisafjord Hotel is a perfect base

The simplicity of travelling to Reisafjord Hotel and the many wonders of nature makes an unbeatable combination. Land by aircraft right near the hotel, check in to your room and jump onto a snowmobile when you are ready.

Why choose Reisafjord Hotel for your snowmobile safari?

  • Easy to get here and land a stone’s throw from the hotel
  • Fjord, mountains, river valley and national park in the same place
  • Local food, professional guides and adaptation
  • Many activities and alternatives to choose between

What can you experience?

You can experience a lot on a short trip: the nature, the magical fjords and the majestic mountains. A part of the experience can be good food and atmosphere around the open fire in the wilderness. We can encounter moose and other wildlife such as eagles. If we are lucky, you will also see the beautiful Northern Lights.

Combine a long weekend with hotel stay, good food and several activities

We recommend combining carious activities. Perhaps whale watching, snowmobile safari and dog sledding combined with comfortable accommodation and great food? We can assist you to create a package to suit your needs and wishes!

Our guide Tor-Eivind Båtnes

Tor-Eivind Båtnes runs the snowmobile safaris. On daytime and evening trips, he will take you from sea level up into the mountains where you can try driving a snowmobile and ice fishing

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Snowmobile safari