Reindeer sledding and Sami Culture

We would like to give you opportunity to become better acquainted with the Sami culture and join us for a family-friendly reindeer interaction tour surrounded by stuning scenery and famous Kågen mountain.

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The Sami are the indigenous people of the North and our Sami guide would like you to get to know his culture better both past, present and future, through tasting some typical Sami food, seeing and learning about Sami artifacts and hearing stories and joik ( traditional Sami song). If you are lucky, the guide will even share some secrets how to survive in an extreme Artic nature.

The Reindeer sledding is an important part of the experience as the oldest known for of transport in the north and a central part of the Sami culture. After sledding, you will participate the feeding session of the nice herd of reindeer at our camp, and here you will have plenty of time to get up-close and personal with our charming creatures.

What is included: (2 hours)

Storytelling in lavvu

Reindeer sledding - 30 minutes

Lasso throwing

A hot meal with coffee/tea

Period: november 2020 - april 2021

Level of difficulty: Easy outdoors / family-friendly. Full access for wheel-chair

Price: 1790,-

Other trips also available. See online bookingsite. 

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