Reindeer sledding and Sami Culture

About The Samiway AS:

The Samiway is a native, sámi family business connected to our livelihood: reindeer herding.

We have our winter pastures in Kautokeino, Finnmark and summer pastures on the islands Arnøy and Kågen in Northern Troms. We want to invite people all around the world to visit us and learn about our special lifestyle.

The Samiway is owned by Nils Peder I. Gaup and Inger Ellen E. Gaup

The Sami are the indigenous people of the North and our Sami guide would like you to get to know his culture better both past, present and future, through tasting some typical Sami food, seeing and learning about Sami artifacts and hearing stories and joik ( traditional Sami song). If you are lucky, the guide will even share some secrets how to survive in an extreme Artic nature.

The Reindeer sledding is an important part of the experience as the oldest known for of transport in the north and a central part of the Sami culture. After sledding, you will participate the feeding session of the nice herd of reindeer at our camp, and here you will have plenty of time to get up-close and personal with our charming creatures.

Get to know our native lifestyle by hearing our story, feeding reindeer and sled with them. You can also try your lasso-skills! Afterwards we go into our lávvu and have a traditional, sámi meal. 
This adventure includes:

  • Meet and get close with our kind and cozy reindeer
  • Feed the reindeer 
  • Hear real stories about our extraordinary life with reindeer husbandry
  • Relaxing reindeer sledding - 30 minutes
  • Sámi snacks with coffee/tea in warm lávvu (tent)
Every day from December 1st 2022 - April 2023 ( closed 24.-25.12.22)
From 1-3 pm 
Place: Vegbrink
Price: 1690 NOK per person 
Children under 12 years: 50% off 
Large groups over 8 persons: 15% off
Not inlcuded:
  • Transport
  • Warm clothes


feed the rein deer
Reindeer herd
The Reindeer Ox