Midnight sun safari

Meeting place Reisafjord Hotell at 2130

In the summer months from May 17, we are lucky to have sun 24 hours a day. If the weather is clear, we can follow the sun round the clock for about 8 weeks in a row. It is a phenomenon that can only be experienced north of the polar circle.

Join us on a 2.5 hour tour of Reisafjorden in our RIB boat and experience the fantastic midnight sun that shows up in the horizon.

We stop in the middle of the fjord and enjoy the magical light of the midnight sun. Surrounded by the Arctic natural landscape we can meet the rich wildlife that lives on our coast.

Can you imagine sea eagles and porpoises in the midnight sun?

Dining: coffee, tea, local bakery delivered by Fallvik Gård

 From NOK 950, - per person  4-12 pers. 2,5 h

Jørn Holm AS
Jørn Holm AS